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Why Ian Huntley Did It? Where Are His Mother Linda And Father Kevin Huntley Today?

Twenty years ago, when schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were brutally murdered in Soham, the town was torn apart by the event.

In Soham, which is located in Cambridgeshire, England, on August 4, 2002, there was a double homicide that involved children. Holly Marie Wells and Jessica Aimee Chapman, both 10 years old, were the young girls who tragically lost their lives as a result of the heinous murders.

They were enticed into entering the house of Ian Kevin Huntley, who was a local resident and the caretaker of the school. It is believed that he killed the girls by suffocating them, and he dumped their bodies in an irrigation ditch close to RAF Lakenheath, which is located in Suffolk. On August 17, 2002, the bodies of the girls were found in their apartment.

Within the first two weeks of Holly and Jessica’s disappearance, one of the most exhaustive and exhaustive searches for them in the history of British criminal investigation took place.

Soham Murders: Why Did Ian Huntley Do It?

On December 17, 2003, a jury found Ian Huntley guilty of murdering both girls. He was sentenced to two life sentences, and the High Court later decided that he must serve a minimum of 40 years in prison.

According to BBC, Maxine Ann Carr, Huntley’s girlfriend and the teaching assistant for the girls, had knowingly provided him with a false alibi. However, the alibi was shown to be false, and she was held accountable for her actions.

Carr had initially stated to the media that the two individuals had been together at their residence in Soham. In spite of this, she eventually confessed to the authorities that she was at her house in North Lincolnshire at the time that her daughters went missing.

Both Ian and Maxine were taken into custody, and Mr. Farmer was asked to provide the police with a report of his conversation with the two individuals after they were questioned.

Carr was given a prison sentence of three and a half years for her part in Huntley’s scheme to interfere with the functioning of the judicial system.

Mr. Farmer, who is 61 years old, thought it was odd that Huntley, who barely knew the girls, had jumped in when Carr was asked about the possibility of the girls being threatened by strangers.

According to Mr. Farmer, Huntley told the reporter that he believed Holly would most likely get in the car and drive away quietly, whereas he didn’t believe Jessica would do either of those things.

“When I think back on it, I remember wondering to myself, “Why is he acting so agitated?” Why is he taking everything so personally? After hearing his response to the question, the primary thought that went through my head was, “Well, how could he possibly know how they would react?”

Ian Huntley Parents Linda & Kevin Huntley

Linda and Kevin Huntley, the parents of Ian Huntley, were aware of the crime that their son had committed.

According to The Sun, Wayne remembers his brother’s arrest for the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, two ten-year-old schoolgirls, five hours after their heartbroken mother realised he was responsible in his book The Blood We Share. Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were killed in a schoolyard incident in which Wayne’s brother was also involved.

The phone started ringing at twelve o’clock in the morning on August 16, 2002. It was taken from the kitchen by Linda Huntley, who is his mother.

Her son Ian was present at the event. He would tell her that the police had him locked up in a room at a hotel outside of Cambridge.

What he didn’t say was what had led his distraught mother to believe that he was responsible for the deaths of the schoolgirls.

While the rest of Linda’s family stood by her side to offer her support, Linda finally asked the question that she dreaded being answered: “Did you do it?” The younger son, Wayne, related the following account of what took place: “There was a pregnant pause, and he said, “I love you, Mum.” It was at that very moment that she realised he had carried it out.

Huntley was driven to Littleport by Wayne and Kevin while Linda answered a frantic call from Maxine Carr, Huntley’s girlfriend. Littleport is located eight miles away.

In relation to the missing girls, he had previously been questioned by the police.

Now, Maxine, who is 25 years old, asserted that he had vanished, and she was afraid that he was going to end his own life. Maxine was in the dark about the exciting family gathering that was taking place, and Huntley was being transported there.

Linda recalled that she was in anguish at the time. It was her announcement that Ian would not be coming back.

“I got what she was getting at; she was implying that he was going to kill himself. I let her know that he would be coming back later.

Kevin gave a bear hug to his older child, despite the fact that the gathering did not bring him any joy. His mother emerged from her bedroom in a cautious and slow manner.

She started sobbing as soon as she saw Ian’s troubled eyes and pale face and couldn’t stop for the rest of the day. Wayne recalled that the man had an appalling appearance.

Where Is Ian Huntley Now?

Ian Huntley is currently being held at HMP Frankland in Durham, and the earliest that his release could possibly be considered is the year 2042.

Ian has had the opportunity to speak with a few notable people while he has been incarcerated. Mark Hobson, a convicted serial killer, was serving time at HMP Wakefield in 2005 when he carried out the scalding of the murderer with boiling water.

After being taken to HMP Frankland in 2008, he spent the next two years there before being taken to the hospital because a convicted armed robber had slashed his neck.

In addition to this, he had a confrontation with the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, who yelled profanities at him during a disagreement in their Category A cell, which was uncovered in the year 2017.

According to the reports, the perpetrator of the murders of the schoolgirls in 2018 expressed regret for his actions. On the other hand, the Sun reports that he filmed a confession to the murders while he was inside the house.

The headline in the newspaper read: “It breaks my heart when people say things like “you have no regrets” or “you savour whatever it is you’re doing,” because I am truly sorry about what happened. I’m not. I am powerless to make any changes. It is impossible for me to take back what I did on that particular day in time.



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