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Why Is He Leaving Speak For Yourself? Is He Joining Colin Cowherd On The Herd?

Former American football defensive end Marcellus Wiley played for four different clubs in the National Football League over the course of 10 seasons during his career.

After playing college football at Columbia University, Wiley was chosen by the Buffalo Bills with the 52nd overall choice in the second round of the NFL Draft in the year 1997.

After playing for the Bills for four seasons, he went on to play for the San Diego Chargers, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Jacksonville Jaguars in that order. In 2001, while he was playing with the San Diego Chargers, he was selected for the American Football Conference (AFC) Pro Bowl team.

Both the afternoon drive edition of ESPN’s SportsNation and a sports talk radio show broadcast on ESPN’s 710AM station in Los Angeles were co-hosted by him. The show “Speak For Yourself” that airs on Fox Sports 1 currently features him.

In a similar vein, Never Shut Up: The Life, Opinions, and Unexpected Adventures of an NFL Outlier was released by Wiley in the year 2018.

Why Is Marcellus Wiley Leaving Speak For Yourself?

The New York Post reports that Marcellus will be leaving Speak for Yourself, although it is not known what will happen to him at the network as a result of his departure. It is also unknown at this time whether Wiley will accept the offer that Fox Sports has extended to him for a different role at the network.

The host is taking some much-needed time off with his family to relax and reflect while also thinking about his options for the future. Co-host of The Herd Joy Taylor has appeared on Speak for Yourself in the same segment as former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho, as well as David Helman and Bucky Brooks in the inside.

Wiley, on the other hand, has not commented on the matter and is currently absent from his duties for an extended period of time.

Wiley had been hired by FS1 in 2018 to make an appearance on the show “Speak for Yourself” alongside Jason Whitlock. Wiley is a well-known announcer who played defensive end with the Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, and Jacksonville Jaguars between the years 1997 and 2006. After Whitlock’s departure in 2020, Acho became a member of the team. Max Kellerman’s longstanding radio and television co-host Wiley was a colleague of Wiley’s at ESPN.

Where Is Marcellus Wiley At This Time?

At the moment that this article is being written, Marcellus is away having fun with his family. On the 11th of August, he uploaded a video to Instagram of his children and wife with the message, “Getting all F’s on my report card!” The importance of faith, fatherhood, family, friends, and good times was emphasized.

In a video of himself shooting hoops that he uploaded five days later, he gave the impression that he was still on vacation.

After the post, a number of his followers shared their thoughts on it. A user’s comment said, “K. Cool. Now, could you now return to your broadcasting life? ” Another person made a similar remark, saying, “Bro, I know you’re enjoying your wonderful life. The end has come for real discourse at Fox. Wiley, on the other hand, has not answered to any of these questions at this time.

Is Marcellus Wiley Joining Colin Cowherd On The Herd?

There has been no indication that Wiley will be joining Colin Cowherd on The Herd from what we can tell.

The former NFL running back LeSean McCoy has been named the frontrunner to join Acho and Joy Taylor on what is anticipated to be a show with a significant focus on football. According to sources, there have been serious negotiations about partnering Acho with the co-host of “The Herd,” Joy Taylor. The terms of an agreement with McCoy have not yet been ironed out.

In addition, Wiley has been extended an offer by Fox Sports for a different post at the network; however, it is yet uncertain whether or not Wiley will take the offer. It’s possible that the host will step away from his duties for a little while in order to think about what kind of employment would be most beneficial to his career. After a certain amount of time has passed, he will discuss his decision.



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