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Why Martin Did Manley Die? Sports Bloggers Left A Suicide Blog On His Website- What Did He Say?

Martin Manley, a blogger for the Kansas City Star who was 60 years old and a former sportswriter for the paper, went away in August of 2013.

Martin resigned from his position at the publication in 2012 in order to launch his own sports blog. Manley was well-known for his passion for statistics, and it was he who came up with the concept of the efficiency rating, a basketball statistic that is still utilised in the game today.

According to Business Insider, in 2013 Manley started a website in which he wrote about his resolve to take his own life and end his suffering.

Martin Manley’s Obituary: What Caused His Death And How Did He Pass Away?

Martin Manley asserts that he is unaffected by any of the “main reasons adults commit suicide,” and that this is the case. On the other hand, he attributes his decision to an impending economic collapse, rising suffering across the globe, and the difficulties associated with advancing in age.

Manley remarked that he did not want to pass away in seclusion and by himself, nor did he want to do so as a result of advancing years. He did not want to spend his final years bedridden, unable to participate in any activities, and dying by himself. As a result, he made the courageous choice to abandon his current life and start a new one somewhere else.

In 2012, the blogger resigned from his position at the Star in order to begin his own sports blog. Before he left, he developed a basketball statistic known as the efficiency rating, which is still utilised in the game today.

Martin took his own life on the day he turned 60 years old. More than one hundred people take their own lives in the United States every single day, and a sizeable percentage of those who take their own lives also leave messages for their grieving friends and family.

There are those that are vindictive, others who are contrite, and still others that are puzzlingly vague. Regardless, the vast majority of them are only read by a select few loved ones and authorities in the community.

Manley felt that confronting his family, friends, and coworkers with his passing wasn’t enough. He yearned to interact with the ordinary populace. He was driven by an intense need to provide an explanation for his own life and passing, not only to others but, perhaps most crucially, to himself.

TikTok Is in Disbelief After Finding A Suicide Blog On Martin Manley’s Website

The resurfacing of the story startled a lot of people who use TikTok, and a lot of those people expressed their feelings in the comments section underneath the video.

Someone else’s response to this question was, “Yeah, I’m sure I’d love to be traumatised at work even more than I already am.”

According to his website, Martin Manley pre-paid Yahoo for five years of web hosting, constructed a vast website dedicated to his own suicide, and put one final post on his sports blog Thursday morning connecting to the website.

He reportedly took his own life in front of an Overland Park police station, as reported by the Kansas City Star. It was now the year of his 60th birthday.

On the website, which gained widespread attention on social media very fast, he said that he intended to provide the most comprehensive account of a suicide note that has ever been written. Next, he started to explain his suicide, and at first, he tried to portray it as a highly rational decision made by a man who lived his life “content up to the very last minute” and wanted to leave the world in his way. He did this by saying that he wanted to “leave the world in my way” and that he was “content up to the very last minute.”

Fear of deteriorating health was the key factor that drove Manley to take his own life.

TikTok Becomes Inundated With Martin Manley’s Sports Blogging Story

Since its terrible beginning, the story of Martin Manley has had the nation’s attention for the past nine years. His story became widely known as a result of a video that went viral on the social media platform of TikTok.

A peculiar paragraph in which he provided what looked to be GPS coordinates to a cache of gold and silver coins sparked a macabre and ultimately fruitless treasure hunt on Thursday. This passage confirms the idea that he was a man desperate for significance.

One of the reasons that Manley decided to create a webpage about his suicide was so that he could reassure everyone that he did not regret his decision. Martin expressed his desire in a written piece that “in the long run, I hope that my life is remembered and that my suicide is only an asterisk, a footnote.”



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