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Why Was Twitch Star Shylily Banned? Real Face Reveal At Twitchcon Pictures

Shylily, one of the most popular Vtubers on Twitch, was given a three-day suspension, and it was strongly implied that the reason for the suspension was because she had violated the platform’s policies on sexual content. Since 2015, she has been streaming video games live on Twitch.

In addition, Shylily made light of her suspension by joking that it was a “three-day holiday” on August 15 after it was established that it would last for three days and two nights. Shylily, a well-known Vlogger from the Netherlands, has decided to remain an independent Vtuber as opposed to joining one of the major networks such as Hololive or Vshojo, in contrast to the majority of other well-known Vloggers.

Since she unveiled her newest look in January 2022, she has amassed more than 700,000 followers on social media. In spite of this, she has achieved a great deal of success in her career as a streamer.

Why Was Shylily Banned?

Shylily has provided a hint to followers about what the likely cause is, even though the precise explanation cannot be proven due to the fact that Twitch does not comment on the cause in order to protect the privacy of its users.

The intimacy and sexual content community restrictions on Twitch apply to augmented reality avatars, which transform real-life movement into digital characters and are used by Vtubers and other users of the platform. Lily’s avatar was probably reported for violating the terms of service during one of her recent streams on Twitch.

Shylily Real Face Reveal

However, Lily objected to Twitch’s ambiguity regarding her suspension, claiming that “it’s an intelligent approach on their end to make decisions based on individuals instead of implementing their ToS properly and relatively on everyone.” Lily’s objection was in response to Twitch’s statement that “it’s an intelligent approach on their end to make decisions based on individuals.”

After serving her three-day sentence, Shylily will be permitted to resume streaming, but she should be aware that she may need to exercise some caution regarding the way her model appears on the screen.

More Info On Shylily Real Name And Age

Shylily’s place of birth was Germany. There is no information available regarding her birthday or zodiac sign at this time. Her real name is actually Lily. She graduated from a high school in her hometown that was located in a nearby private school. It’s possible that she moved to a different country in Europe so that she could continue her education there.

Her family tree is a jumbled mess. Her parents and siblings, however, are not currently mentioned in the public sphere. Like any other October, she prefers to keep her personal information off the internet. She is not married, and she is not in a relationship right now.

As of 2022, Shylily is 26 years old. She is 148 cm tall and 4 ft 10 inches wide, weighing about 49 kg. She was born with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Although we don’t know her physical proportions, her shoe size is 5.

She also has a similar-named YouTube account. She frequently posts the highlights of her Twitch live streams on her channel. She occasionally uploads various compilations on top of that.

Shylily Face Reveal At Twitchcon

One of Shylily’s admirers’ most eagerly awaited events is the reveal of her face. Since she began streaming, fans have been curious about her appearance, and speculations say that she revealed herself at TwitchCon.

She identifies herself using an animated character image since she hides her natural face. Additionally, many individuals have shared random images on Reddit under the pretense that they are of her face. However, the majority of them are bogus.

She started working in streaming a few years ago. When she first began, she broadcasted well-known games like Minecraft, Genshin Impact, etc. She tried to become famous but was unsuccessful, so she briefly stopped streaming.

She is well-known for her Just Chatting Livestream, in which she converses and responds to memes from Reddit. She also enjoys playing video games like Apex Legends, Crab Game, The Last of Us, and others.



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