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The Kingdom Season 5 Review: Release Date, Characters, Trailer, Teaser, Raw Scan, And Where To Watch

The Kingdom series is going to premiere its 5th season soon. The wait is over. All the fans are looking for some spoilers for the upcoming episode. The wait is a little long. Kingdom’s new season will premiere in 2024. The series teaser of ten seconds is released along with the premiere date mentioned. It shows the Koku You Hills Battle. We will share details about the release date and cast of Kingdom Season 5 below. 

the kingdom season 5 Release Date

The Kingdom Season 5 Release Date And Review

The Kingdom Season 5 release date is out. You can watch the series on 6 January 2024. Every fan is excited about the release of the anime season 5. It is inspired by the manga by the name Kingdom. The anime released a new visual as well. It is the struggle story of Xin to take revenge on his friends and own the kingdom Qin’s throne. Let us have a look at the cast of The Kingdom Season 5.

The Kingdom Season 5 Trailer

There are new cast members announced. Kingdom Season 5 will have Kentaro Ito, Haruja Nagamine, Kenji Nomura, and Motoki Sakuma. Kentaro played Kanki, Haruka as Kokuo, Kenji as Raido, and Motoki as Marom. Kenichi Imaizumi was the director of the last series. Hisashi Abe is taking care of music composition along with Kohta Yamamoto. 

the kingdom season 5 Cast And Spoiler

The old cast members include Jun Fukuyama, Masakazu Morita, and Rei Kugimiya. Jun is playing the role of Sei Ei, Masukazu is playing the role of Shin Ri, and Rei is playing the role of Karyo Ten. The series was released in 2006 as a manga in Shonen Jump. It later gets converted into live-action and Anime. There are more than 700 chapters in the manga. You can watch The Kingdom Season 5 on Crunchyroll in French. The subtitles might be available in other languages as well. 

The Kingdom Season 5 Cast And Plot

The story of the anime starts with two orphans. They both are the slaves at Kingdom Qin. They are named as XIn and Piao or Shin and Hyou. A minister took Piao with him. He returns after escaping from them but loses his life as he reaches back to Xin. He asks him to go out of the kingdom before dying. Xin leaves the kingdom and meets Zheng on the outskirts. He was identical to Piao. He came to know that Piao was taken to battle in his place. They want to save their king. Xin decides to take revenge. He joins the army and takes over his throne.



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