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Upcoming Netflix’s Web Series Released In 2024: Check Latest Release Dates, Trailers, Promo And More

Netflix has recently launched some famous series and movies on the platform. It is planning to release some new originals by January 2024. Viewers are willing to watch such an entertaining series and add them to their weekend list. This series can be on the top of your bucket list. The Netflix original series is a complete pack of entertainment. India is becoming the largest consumer of Netflix. We have discussed below some of the best series to watch by January 2024.

Upcoming Web Series In 2024

Top Netflix Web Series Released In 2024

Best 3 English Netflix Originals Series In 2024

  • Fool Me Once: This series will release on 1 January 2024. The story is inspired by a novel. It shows the struggles of a lady after losing her husband. She found her husband dead on a Nanny Cam. She gets into answering questions in the investigation. 

Fool Me Once Web Series

  • Boy Swallows Universe Season 1: It will be released in January. Boy, Swallow is a crime story. The boy in the story lost his family and had hard times. He lost his father. His brother was not able to speak. 

Boy Swallows Universe Season 1 Web Series

  • Lift: The movie will be one of the biggest Netflix movies. The story shows an ex-thief couple. The girl is the master thief while the boy is her ex. They both are trying to steal 100 million dollars through a flight.

Lift Web Series

Best 3 Non-English Netflix Original Series in 2024

  • Delicious In Dungeon Season 1: It will be released on 3rd January. It is an adventure story. It shows the adventurers that got stuck in a situation with no food and no money. They lost their resources after a dragon attacked them. They can’t travel or continue without food and money. They decide to eat the monsters. 

Delicious In Dungeon Season 1 Web Series

  • Society Of The Snow: It is a Spanish series released on Netflix on 4 January. It is a real story that happened a few years ago. There was a rugby team flying over the Glacier of Andes. The plane gets out of control and slits into parts. Some people flew away as the plane parts were separated. Some of the players survived and still living in the Andes.

Society Of The Snow Web Series

  • Sixty Minutes: It is a German series released on 19 January. It shows the story of a martial artist. He struggles to choose between his career and his daughter’s birthday. The story shows the importance of relations as well. It is a martial arts-based sports film. 

Sixty Minutes Web Series

These were some of our best recommendations for watching on Netflix in January 2024. Stay tuned for more information on our website. 



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