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Who Is Aztrosist? Famous Youtuber Real Name, Biography, Age, Net Worth, And Is She Transgender Or Not

Aztrosist is a famous YouTuber. They are known for their commentary and music videos. Some rumors spread on the internet about Aztrosist’s gender. People are curious to know about the controversy. We will share details about Aztrosist’s response on the topic. Many people belonging to a trans community face difficulty in putting particular pronouns to their names. Aztrosists are open about the topic and do not believe in using a particular pronoun to their name. 

Who Is Aztrosist?

Who Is Aztrosist? Famous Youtuber Real Name And Biography

Aztrosist has been in controversy for the last few days. They are asked about their gender identification. Aztrosist has finally replied on the topic saying that they don’t conform to any traditional categories of male and female. They prefer using they/their and she/her as their pronoun. They prefer not to be categorized or identified as trans. Different people have shared their different opinions.

Many people shared their views saying that Aztrosist is a trans. They are just looking feminine. However, other people have raised concerns saying it is unfair to raise questions about someone’s gender or identity. Aztrosists have said that they want people to respect an individual as a human. They only want to be recognized as they or she.

Is Aztrosist Transgender Or Not

Aztrosist is a YouTuber. They have 4.74 Lakh subscribers on the channel. Their channel has 255 videos. They have got 4,77,53,700 views on the channel. They started seven years ago and posted their first video on the channel. They do not reveal their face initially. The controversy started after they revealed their face.

They also have another channel by the name Lilac Boy. The channel has 7.37k subscribers. Their music also received a good response from the public. They are a multi-talented person. They also developed TV Kid. It was a game developed for kids. Their music is especially based on lo-fi, indie, and synth-pop. 

Fans are having mixed reactions to the controversy. There are no details about who raised this controversy. It has become a topic of debate. Many trans people are also sharing their views. They also have to face problems like not having any special pronoun to refer to them.

This also leads to other problems in society where they don’t have toilets specially made for them. The community often suffers humiliation because of it. They look for their identity and their place in society. Aztrosist has not said much about the topic yet. They prefer the pronoun them or they on their names.



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