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Who Is Sheetal Devi? KBC15 Final Episode Guest Indian Archer Sheetal’s Biography, Age. Net Worth, And Success Story

Sheetal Devi appeared as a special guest in the KBC 15 Finale. She reached the KBC finale. Vidhya Balan is supporting her. She is a para archer. Everyone is curious to know more about her. Sheetal Devi is a brilliant student with sharp archery skills. She was a guest on the show and appeared along with Vidya Balan. She is the only woman in the world who is an archer without upper limbs. Let us talk about Sheetal Devi’s Wiki bio below.

Who Is Sheetal Devi

Who Is Sheetal Devi? KBC15 Final Episode Guest Biography And Age

Sheetal Devi is the only armless archer in the world. She does not have arms. Still, she preferred the field. It was her passion. She was born and brought up in India. Sheetal has a medical condition from her birth. It is known as Phocomelia. She has a lot of emotions for her country. Sheetal also says that she feels so proud to see her flag on the top during any award ceremony. Let us look at the wiki bio of Sheetal Devi.

Sheetal Devi Wiki Bio

  • Name: Sheetal Devi
  • Age: 16 Years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Residence: Jammu and Kashmir
  • Profession: Student
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Known For: Guest Appearance at KBC Finale 15 and Only Woman archer without arms

Sheetal Devi started her journey at a young age. She is a two-time gold medalist. Sheetal has also won a silver in the women’s doubles. She was putting up her prosthetic arms. Sheetal mentioned that she wanted to wear bangles on her arms.

Later, she decided to live as who she was for real. Sheetal mentions that she will not use prosthetics. Sheetal worked on herself and won the medal. She won a silver medal at Pilsen, Czech Republic. She was sick during that time and didn’t give up on her dreams. Sheetal decides that she will continue with her game.

Sheetal Devi Success Story

Sheetal Devi also went through some health conditions. She was ill and had a high fever. There were a lot of things going on but she never gave up. Sheetal was passionate about her goals. She decided to embrace her true self. Her family is a support for her.

She has gratitude for what she has in her life. Sheetal believes that she might not reach this level if she does not have this condition. It has acted out as a challenge for her. We hope you get enough details about Sheetal Devi’s Wiki bio and success story.



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