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Who Is Thordan Smash? Famous Gamer And Youtuber Thordan Smash Arrest or Not, Biography, Age And Rumors

People who spend their most of time playing games are surely aware of Thordan Smash. He is a well-known name in the gaming community and is highly respected among the games. However, this time he is in the news for notorious reasons and the reports claim that he has been arrested by police. Ever since this news came into existence, the entire social media and gaming community has been in shock and his fans are rushing to know the authenticity of the news. Many are claiming this news to be fake whereas some believe in it and discussing about it with others.

Who Is Thordan Smash?

Who Is Thordan Smash? Is Gamer Smash Arrest Or Not

This confusion has created a lot of debates on social media and everyone is keen to know what exactly the truth is. Let’s find out through this blog. Unfortunately, all those who are praying for his arrest news to be fake will be sad to know that, this news is true this incident happened during the live streaming. His unfortunate arrest has left the gaming community in a deep shock of state and many speculations regarding the reason for the deaths have started circulating. Many are keen to know what is the reason for his sudden arrest and what crime he has committed that ended him in prison.

All these questions are currently circulating on the internet and his fans and other members of the gaming community are eager to learn about it. Sadly, no sources have shared any details on it and even no official sources have made any kind of comment on it which creates a lot of confusion among the people. Some are saying this news is fake and an attempt to catch the attention of the public. The family members of Thordan Smash have not made any comment on the viral news which makes us believe in the authenticity of the news. Still, our sources are trying to find out the truth and our team is working to dig the truth. As soon as we find any details regarding this matter, we will create another draft about it.

Youtuber Thordan Smash Biography And Age

As we mentioned above, Thordan Smash is a respected personality in the gaming world. He started his journey as a Youtuber in 2020 and soon he became the king of the gaming community. He is known for posting Apex Legends videos and most of his content includes reviews, gameplay, and live streams. We can assume his fans follow through with the numbers he has accumulated on his YouTube channel. He has more than 220,000 subscribers who love his content and even share it with their fans. One of his most viral videos is Apex Legends Season 10 which features voice lines and seer abilities.

Thordan Smash Biography And Age

Speaking about his personal life, he doesn’t like to talk much about his family and personal life. That is why only information is available regarding his personal life such as he was born on 8th November in the United States. As of now, we just only have this many details but we are promising that we will be soon back.



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