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Who Was Queenzy Cheng? Malaysian Singer Queenzy Died At Young Age, Biography, Death Cause And Net Worth

Queenzy Cheng was a prominent Malaysian Singer who passed away on 28 November 2023 due to a Brain Aneurysm during her shoot. 

Malaysian Singer Queenzy Cheng passed away recently on the sets of her new shoot. She felt dizzy 40 minutes before she passed. Everyone is shocked after this incident. No one knows what exactly happened to her. Queenzy Cheng has worked on several Malaysian songs. Her voice was mesmerizing. The news of her death was shared on her Instagram account as well. Ambulance was called as well but she was not able to survive. Let us have details about Queenzy Cheng’s Wiki bio, net worth, and death cause.

Malaysian Singer Queenzy Death Cause

Who Was Queenzy Cheng? Biography And Death Cause

Malaysian Singer Queenzy Cheng was born and brought up in Kanger, Perlis, Malaysia. Her real name was Cheng Koon Si. She started her professional life at the age of eight. Queenzy’a laat album was Happy Home Coming. She was born on 26 February 1986. Queenzy was 37 years old at the time of her death. Let us have a look at the Wiki bio of Queenzy Cheng below.

Queenzy Cheng Wiki Bio

  • Name: Queenzy Cheng
  • Age: 37 years by 2023.
  • Birthplace: Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia
  • Birthday: 26 February 1986
  • Death: 28 November 2023
  • Profession: Singer
  • Known as: founder of M Girls group
  • Language: Chinese
  • Nationality: Malaysian
  • Boyfriend: not known

Queenzy Cheng’s Net Worth

Queenzy Cheng has a net worth of approximately $ 5 million. She was paid around $137k. Queenzy earned from her albums and royalty fees. She formed a group M Girls becoming her major source of income.

Who Was Queenzy Cheng

Queenzy Cheng Success Journey

Queenzy Cheng started working on her dreams from a young age. She performed at one of her relative’s weddings at the age of five. Later, she released her first debut album at the age of eight years. Queenzy was a versatile singer performing in different styles.

After releasing a few albums, she founded M Girls in 2001. She has worked for several years in her girl’s group. Her collaboration with Tom Chang in 2017 was appreciated as well. She released her single Don’t Be Shy which became a famous singer. It was recorded at Kaula Lumpur.

Queenzy Cheng Death Cause

Queenzy Cheng passed away at the age of 37 years. She was shooting for her new project. It was early morning on 28 November 2023. The first episode was shot at 8:30 a.m. The second episode was about to be shot at 10:30 a.m. She sat on a chair during the shoot. Queenzy mentioned that she was feeling dizzy. An ambulance was called. Unfortunately, she passed away within the next 30 minutes of her uneasiness.



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