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Yellowstone Season 1 Finale Review. Spoiler, Premiere Time And Where To Watch All Episodes

Yellowstone is a famous series that has released its finale episode. The series is going to release its 2nd season which will continue the story from the previous season. This article will share details about the new season, so keep reading for more information.

Yellowstone Season 1 Finale Review

Yellowstone Season 1 Finale Review

Yellowstone’s new season revealed that Sheriff Haskell will not be a part of Dutton. We saw that everyone wants each other to step down from their position like Joh wants Jamie to step down while the governor is looking for ways to make John step down. On the other hand, Sarah is a true journalist. The new plan of Christina was to show the real side of Jamie’s father so that she could be the new face.

Christina planned to do it with a lover boy while Jamie decided the man’s end. The story continues with Kayce. She wants John to come back but he is focussing on something else. John is keeping an eye on Dan while Kayce and Lloyd catch him. The story has a lot of politics and will be full of suspense and thrill. the story can take any turn with one changed decision. It will be interesting to see what happens next. 

Yellowstone Season 1 Finale Review

Yellowstone’s previous season showed that Dutton and Haskel are detached. While John is trying to pull Jamie down Christina also makes a plan. The plan was to expose her father. She was not able to do it alone and took the help of Loverboy. Jamie tries to play a smart game. She decided to end the root cause of the problem. Fans are eager to know if Jamie be able to save her father from the insult.

The series is full of drama, action, politics, and thrill. 2nd season is also showing a good response from the audience. They are looking for something new in the episodes but also enjoying the current story. The best thing is that Yellowstone season 1 has created the necessary hype among the viewers which will make it even more interesting.

We provided a little glimpse of the previous season and will continue with the next season soon. The first season finale made the fans feel that the show should continue forever. The story has been justified by the actors properly. John is focussing on Dan and planning something. The next season might reveal some secrets from the first season itself. 



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