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Is Munawar Faruqui Wins BiggBoss17? Who Is Muawar Faruqui BB17 Contestant? Biography, Age, Family, Comedy And More

Munawar Faruqi is a well-known standup comedian and YouTuber. He is also the winner of Lock Upp Season One. Munawar started appearing as a stand-up comedian on his YouTube channel. He often remains in controversy for his marital status as well. Faruqi is currently a contestant in Big Boss Season 17. There are a lot of estimations for the Big Boss Season 17 winner. Munawar Faruqi has the most likability among the other participants and a chance to win. Let us have a look at the ongoing controversies about Munawar Faruqi.

Who Is Munawar Faruqui

Who Is Munawar Faruqui? BB17 Contestant Biography

Munawar Faruqi is the winner of Lock Up Season 1. He is also a YouTuber and a Standup Comedian. Munawar was born and brought up in Junagadh, Gujarat, in a Muslim family. He was passionate to achieve something big in his life. Munawar was in a struggling phase when he married. He met his ex-wife in 2017. They both get married and have a son. The couple separated in 2020. He is currently in a relationship with Nazila for 2 years.

Munawar Faruqui Net Worth:

Munawar Faruqui has a net worth of Rs. 10 Crores approx. He earns around Rs. 25 Lakhs monthly from his shows and stand-ups. Faruqui lives with his son currently. Faruqui often misses his son in the Big Boss. They both go on a long drive as well. Faraqui owns a luxurious car and lifestyle.

Is Munawar Faruqui Wins BB17

Will Munawar Faruqui Win Bigg Boss Season 17?

Munawar Faruqui is a Big Boss Season 17 contestant premiering on 15 October 2023. The current nominations of the week are Anurag, Ankita, Sunny, Khanzaadi, and Abhisek. Munawar is a fan favorite. People like his true identity on Big Boss. The way he is living genuinely is his superpower in the house. Munawar lives with his son outside Big Boss. He was missing him so much. Munawar cried remembering his son.

Munawar has a huge fan following and pages supporting him. He has a high chance to win. Munawar is always saved by people through voting. He expresses gratitude for the support. Many fans commented that Big Boss has religious discrimination. He can win if religion is not deciding the winner. Currently, the competition is going between the fan following of Munawar and the UK 07 rider. Munawar has an experience with these games through the lock-up season 1. His fan following is also way more than Anurag’s. This creates a high chance of Munawar’s win. Stay tuned for more information.



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