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Who Is Jimin Park? BTS Jimin Trending On Twitter, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Songs And More Details

Jimin Park is a well-known South Korean singer and dancer. People are curious to know more about his net worth, bio, and personal life. He became popular for his unique style of singing and dancing. He appeared in BTS for the first time. He also has his solo songs that are popular among the fans. Jimin Park is currently trending on Twitter for his guilty challenge. It is done with SHINee Taemin and is also known as Two Min’s challenge.

Who Is Jimin Park

Who Is Jimin Park? Trending On Twitter

Jimin Park is a well-known South Korean singer. He started his journey with BTS. He was born in 1995 and celebrates his birthday every year on 13 October. He spent his childhood in Busan, South Korea. He had a sibling as well and lived with his mother and father. Jimin studied in the local school of Busan. He learned dancing skills in a dance academy. Locking and popping was his favorite style.

His main focus was always dance. He gathered skills in contemporary dancing as well. Jimin completed his education in 2014. He was again admitted to Hanyang Cyber University to continue with his master’s in MBA. He learned techniques of marketing. Jimin implemented everything he learned into building something for himself. People are eagerly searching for Jimin Park’s ongoing trend. Let us have details about Jimin’s trend on Twitter.

Jimin Park Trending On Twitter

Jimin did a challenge by the name of Guilty challenge. It was in collaboration with SHINee Taemin. The challenge was mainly to promote SHINee Taemin’s new album Guilty. It is a music album with the title track Guilty. They both are dancing in the video. The dance skills of Jimin Park and SHINee Taemin are impressive. People have started following their dance moves and making videos of the song. It is known as the Guilty Challenge. People also use the hashtag #guiltychallenge.

The trend gained thousands of new videos within some time of posting. This made the song go viral. Jimin collaborated with Taemin for the promotional purpose that looks to be getting successful. Twitter has shown thousands of tweets and posts using Guilty Challenge as their hashtag. Jimin has three solo songs that are running under the BTS label. These singles are also getting immense love from the people.

If you are a BTS fan, you can also try the guilty challenge on Instagram, X, and other video platforms. We hope you get all the details about Jimin’s guilty challenge viral video in this article. Stay tuned for more information on our website.



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