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Who Was Gustavo Cisneros? Grupo Cisneros Founder Passed Away, How Did He Die, Cause Of Death And Biography

Gustavo Cisneros passed away recently at the age of 78 years. He was the chairman of Grupo Cisneros. Gustavo was a billionaire and listed in Forbes as well. His passing has left his closed one broken. They are mourning the loss of their loved one. The company announced its chairman’s death and has not said anything about the death cause yet. Everyone is looking for details about Gustavo Cisneros’s bio and death cause. Let us explore more about Gustavo’s life below.

Who Was Gustavo Cisneros

Who Was Gustavo Cisneros? Grupo Cisneros CEO Biography And Cause Of Death

Gustavo Cisneros was the chairman of Grupo Cisneros. He was a billionaire who took his family business far away in the competitive race. Gustavo was born and brought up in Caracas, Venezuela. Gustavo had multiple citizenship. He was a Venezuelan, Dominican republican, Spanish, and American. Gustavo was a passionate human being. He builds the empire with a lot of effort during his starting phase and throughout. Let us look at the Wiki bio of Gustavo Cisneros below.

Gustavo Cisneros Wiki Bio

  • Name: Gustavo Cisneros
  • Age: 78 Years till 2023
  • Born: 1 June 1945
  • Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Death: 29 December 2023
  • Profession: Media Mogul, Chairman of Grupo Cisneros
  • Spouse: Patricia Phelps
  • Children: Three
  • Nationality: Venezuelan

Gustavo Cisneros Cause Of Death

Gustavo Cisneros passed away on 29 December 2023. The cause behind his death is unknown. He was a media mogul. The company confirmed his death on Friday mentioning that the chairman passed away at the age of 78. There were no details about his health details. The sudden death made everyone shock. His loved ones are mourning the loss. The family has asked for some privacy at the moment. He was surrounded by his wife and three children during his last time. His children are Adriana Cisneros, Carolina Cisneros, Guillermo Cisneros.

Gustavo Cisneros Cause Of Death

Gustavo Cisneros married in the year 1970. His wife has supported him during several tough moments in all ways. She was there emotionally, mentally, and financially as well. Everyone is curious to know about his death cause. He will always be remembered in the hearts of his loved ones. His known ones are sending condolences to him. Her wife also contributed to a recent museum exhibition, mentioning her name on the board.

We wish courage and strength for the family to overcome this harsh time. His major achievements include Univision in 1992. It was the first Spanish media company. Later, he launched DIRECTV, which is also famous today. It provides satellite television services in Latin America.



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