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Who Was Lee Sun-kyun? Is Jeon Hye-jin Wife Of Lee Sun Actor? Biography, Age, Networth And Cause Of Death

“Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword” is not just an idiom but a real fact. Powerful writing is the weapon of any writer and a good writer can easily connect the audience with their writing. Similarly, a good script and acting can easily make a common person into a famous star. An actor or actress knows the power of script and with their acting ability knows how to erase the difference between reel and reality. There are many actors around us whom we know by their reel names not with real names and this proves how an actor fully overshadows their reel identity.

Who Was Lee Sun-kyun

Who Was Lee Sun-kyun? Actor Biography And Cause Of Death

One such fine actor has been in the news but sadly not because of his acting but because of his unfortunate death news. The fans of Parasite are disheartened by the passing news of the actor Lee Sun-kyun. Some are even thinking this news is fake and check the authenticity of the news on other news. But sadly it is true, that the actor is not between us and his dead body has been found in an unresponsive manner in Seoul. His passing news is officially shared by the emergency office of South Korea on Wednesday, 27th December 2023.

Lee Sun-kyun Biography And Age

The released statement of the emergency office stated that the Oscar-winning film actor was found dead in his car in a central Seoul park. According to the police, this death came into existence after his wife lodged his missing complaint. The wife stated that the 48-year-old actor had left the home and when she tried to search him she found his dead body in the car. The new agency in South Korea also reported that the wife of the late actor had found a note in the car which they believed to be the suicide note. Now, as soon as the news became public, everyone rushed to find out the details of his wife.

Who Is Jeon Hye-jin? Biography And Age

Jeon Hye-jin, the wife of the late actor is also a famous actress. The 47-year-old actress was born on 10th August 1976. She is known for her roles in several South Korean films including “The Throne” and “The Merciless”. She started her in the entertainment industry after taking part in the Miss Korean pageant in 1997. She marked her acting debut with the film “A Killing Story”, however, her role was minor in this film. She also did many theatre shows and worked in the Television industry. Due to her captivating acting, she has bagged many awards, including The Seoul Awards, The KOFRA Film Awards, and the Korean Association Of Film Critics Awards.

Who Is Jeon Hye-jin

Sadly, this time she is in the news not because of her acting or any other project but due to her husband’s death. The reports claim that the actor took his own life as he was alleged for using marijuana and other psychoactive drugs. However, he had declined his involvement in taking any type of drugs and stated that he was tricked by a bar hostess who falsely made him take drugs and even tried to blackmail him.



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